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Compass Youth Collaborative

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A successful nonprofit without a website is like a best-seller without a cover.  Hard to find, but still a good read.  Compass Youth Collaborative, a hidden jewel of an after school youth development program in Hartford, CT, contacted BPC for identity and a website in May of 2009.  Through pre-workshop research, a stimulating 360° process and enthusiastic buy-in from the team at CYC, we were able to establish a logo direction, color palette, navigation and a tagline. 

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“As a member of the baby boomer generation the prospect of designing, developing and launching a web site for our nonprofit organization was quite unnerving. However after our 360 Workshop facilitated by the dynamic team from Bridgepoint Creative my fears turned to unbridled enthusiasm and excitement! Throughout the development of our web site creativity abounded, communication was ongoing and the agreed upon timeline was spot on! Consummate professionals, engaging, thought provoking and fun to work with Bridgepoint Creative is the real deal.”
-Robert Pawloski, Executive Director