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Connecticut Renaissance, Inc.

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One of the oldest nonprofit drug treatment agencies in the state, Connecticut Renaissance Inc. was growing, changing and branching into new levels of outreach, including hosting a local radio show on addiction and treatment.  The organization was desperately in need of a cohesive plan to better get their story into the world.  BPC was part of a team that came together in 2006 to discuss how to best accomplish this.  In a bi-coastal 360°, over the course of several weeks, the team identified a new direction for an agency that has changed the direction of thousands of lives since 1967.  BPC also conducted a 360° workshop for CTR when they were exploring new possibilities in conducting research.  In preparation for the sessions, BPC conducted interviews with leaders in the field of addiction research at universities and other organizations across the U.S.

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“Working with BridgePoint Creative to develop our website was one of the best experiences that Connecticut Renaissance had with a communications company. Their creativity allows our message to reach the people we serve and offers hope to people struggling with substance abuse and mental illness. The process was easy, well-organized and fun. We look forward to working with BridgePoint again in the future.” ~Linda Mosel, Chief Operating Officer of Outpatient Services