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Dan Isaacson / Isaacson Fitness

As Hollywood’s Premier Fitness Expert, Dan Isaacson has been a leader in the health and fitness field for more than 25 years.  His vision and creative entrepreneurship has helped establish, promote and expand the health and fitness industry.  Dan’s scientifically-based fitness training program helped set the standard for celebrity trainers and the personal training business.  He is an author, product innovator, and celebrity spokesperson and, considered by many, the pioneer of the multi-million dollar personal training industry.  His celebrity clients include Billy Crystal, Johnny Depp,Tom Hanks, John Travolta, Meg Ryan, Anne Hathaway and Laurence Fishburne.  He has also established a variety of industry affiliations with Good Morning America, Sony Pictures, and Paramount Pictures.  Dan’s time- tested methods have literally re-shaped the entertainment community, and he continues to educate and illustrate the way to sustainable health and fitness.

Dan came to BridgePoint Creative through his relationship with MBST Entertainment.  BPC worked with Dan and MBST to create a brochure site for Isaacson Fitness featuring a reel of Dan’s television and film appearances along with information about Dan’s accomplishments as a leader in the fitness industry.  Since creating the site for Isaacson Fitness, Dan has engaged BPC to assist in creating customized communications products for his development projects.

“Brilliant, creative, cost effective, and very talented are all words to describe my professional experience with BridgePoint Creative. Sensitive, considerate, thoughtful, generous and kind, are all words to describe my personal experience with Laura, Suzy and the BridgePoint Creative team! What else can I say except BridgePoint Creative is in a league of their own!” ~Dan Isaacson, Isaacson Fitness