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Diana Page Jordan

Several years ago, Diana Jordan was having a bit of an identity crisis.  Her industry, broadcasting, had been undergoing rapid transformation and she was unclear about to leverage her deep skillset and numerous talents, given new media.  As a news anchor, author, reporter and radio talk show host, Jordan needed an identity that encompassed her mosaic life, as well as some simple direction for revamping her website.  Also, the url that bore her name was owned by a different Diana Jordan. 

We invited Diana into our conference room, and began to surround her with the possibilities.  Through our 360° workshop process, things began to gel—and a course of action emerged.  Diana Jordan became Diana Page Jordan—her real middle name became part of her brand, useful, as Diana is a writer!

Since then, Diana has widened her circle, rebuilt her website, taken on more speaking engagements and blossomed as a writer.  She completed a screenplay, is working on a novel, and her memoir, BookMark, is being shopped around for publication.  With help from our in-depth workshop process, Jordan took the steps required to build her platform as an author and a multi-media entrepreneur.

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“BridgePoint creates an exhilarating experience within its 360 Process.  I was in transition professionally—a full-time radio news anchor dabbling in free-lance activities who found that situation suddenly flipped.  The 360 Process successfully focused me on who I am, my gifts, what I love, and even what my name should be.  The process itself was entertaining and liberating.  Their report jettisoned me in the right direction – I am achieving many of the goals outlined in the workshop.” ~Diana Page Jordan