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Radio Deluxe

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Radio DeLuxe has, since its inception in 1992, served over 300 stations and is considered market leader in developing formats and programming based standards. With a library comprising thousands of recordings, including hundreds of recently released recordings of the standards by new artists including Norah Jones, Diana Krall, Peter Cincotti, Michael Buble, Jessica Molaskey, John Pizzarelli and Stacey Kent, Radio DeLuxe is bringing a new generation of artists to a new generation of listeners.

Radio Deluxe with John Pizzarelli, produced by Don McCulloch is heard on 70 stations across the US and Canada. For more on this syndicated program, please visit John Pizzarelli’s website.

“BridgePoint gets the job done effectively and with great care. Their attention to detail is terrific and they do the things that I need done before I think of them and that’s a very good thing!”
~John Pizzarelli